GOATGreatest Of All Time

Which chef has the most winning season of all time?

Paul Qui

Texas • 16 chefs, 15* episodes

Total Wins11
Total Chances to Win27
Percentage Wins40.74%
Elimination Wins9
Quickfire Wins2
Individual Wins9
Team Wins2
Ep 9.3Elimination - Quinceañera foodTeam win1
Ep 9.4Quickfire - Chiles1
Ep 9.5Elimination - Progressive dinner1
Ep 9.8Quickfire - Twitter suggestions1
Ep 9.9Elimination - BBQ pit warsTeam win1
Ep 9.11Elimination - Evil queen1
Ep 9.12Elimination - Block party1
Ep 9.14Elimination - Mentors1
Ep 9.15Elimination - Culinary games1
Ep 9.16Elimination - Fire and ice1
Ep 9.17Elimination - Finale1

Melissa King

All-Stars L.A. • 14 chefs, 14 episodes

Total Wins10
Total Chances to Win24
Percentage Wins41.66%
Elimination Wins7
Quickfire Wins3
Individual Wins8
Team Wins2
Ep 17.1Quickfire - Mise en placeTeam win1
Ep 17.3Elimination - Art periods1
Ep 17.4Elimination - Vegetarian progressive meal1
Ep 17.6Elimination - Paired taste typesTeam win1
Ep 17.10Quickfire - Dessert1
Ep 17.11Quickfire - Airline meal1
Ep 17.11Elimination - Michael’s Santa Monica1
Ep 17.12Elimination - White truffles1
Ep 17.13Elimination - Prosciutto and parma1
Ep 17.14Elimination - Finale1
*Does not include episodes 9.1 and 9.2 which were qualifying rounds.