Some definitions, yo.

Top Chef
  1. The original series.
  2. Does not include spinoffs: Masters, Just Desserts, Duels, Healthy Showdown, Life After Top Chef, or Padma’s Picks.
  3. Does not include special episodes: 2007’s 4 Star All Stars, 2007’s Holiday Special, or 2009’s Reunion Dinner.
  4. The winner of a season of Top Chef.
Top Chef Master

Winner of Top Chef Masters.


Contestant competing in a season.

Guest Judge
  1. Not a permanent or rotating judge for a season.
  2. Judge helping to decide the winner of a Quickfire Challenge.
  3. Judge who sits at Judges’ Table after an Elimination Challenge.
Finale Diner
  1. Eats the meal(s) featured in a season’s Finale episode.
  2. Introduced by the host or screen text.
  1. The primary location where a challenge takes place.
  2. Does not include towns, suburbs, or census designated places.
  1. A Quickfire, Sudden Death Cook-Off, or Elimination Challenge in an episode.
  2. With the exception of Sudden Death Cook-offs, does not include challenges where the chefs must make another dish to avoid elimination.
  3. Does not include qualifying challenges/episodes where chefs compete for a spot on the show (e.g. Episodes 1 and 2 of Top Chef Texas).
  4. Although called out separately, does not include challenges from Last Chance Kitchen.
Challenge Win
  1. Chef who is named as the winner or is part of a team named as winner.
  2. Does not include the Judge’s favorites or top picks.
Last Chance Kitchen Streak
  1. The number of competitors a chef has eliminated.
  2. Not necessarily the number of Last Chance Kitchen challenges the chef wins.
Cash Won/Given Away
  1. Prize described as a dollar amount.
  2. Does not include gift cards or some described worth of physical goods.
Trip Won/Given Away
  1. Prize described as a “trip” or “getaway.”
  2. Prize described as a pair of plane tickets.